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Hello Towing offers 24 hour towing services in Point Cook, 3030.

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Towing in Melbourne & Geelong

Our towing service in Point cook operates 24 hours a day. If you have car troubles in point cook or surrounding suburbs we can help. We can provide many types of towing services. To list some:
-breakdown towing service
-General vehicle towing
-Equipment towing
-Machinery towing service
-Insurance towing
-Recovery towing services

Hello Towing is committed to making it easy to get a tow truck. Book online and Jump the queue. You will find our booking portal makes it easy. You can get a tow truck on its way within a minute.

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While waiting for a tow truck there are a few things you should do. Firstly, make sure your car is safely positioned and is not obstructing the path of other vehicles using the road. When on a freeway, avoid going anywhere near the path of traffic. Make it clear to oncoming traffic that you are broken down. You can do this in a couple of way. Firstly, put your hazard lights on. Secondly, if you have a reflective hazard triangle in your vehicle, while waiting for a tow truck use it to further make traffic aware there is a hazard ahead. Finally you should make sure there is space for a tow truck to safely recover your vehicle up onto the tilt tray. If you are on a freeway, you should definitely not have a vehicle park in front of you as this is the only way a tow truck can do a freeway pick-up in a tow truck.