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We provide fast, friendly, affordable towing services in Melbourne Metro area's and Victoria wide. We're fully insured and have been in business since 2009. Whenever you're in need of a tow truck near you, we can help.

It can be really frustrating when you need to be somewhere and your car breaks down. You may have the boss on your back or miss an important appointment. In other words, you just need to be somewhere. Either way this is not ideal. Further more, copping with a broken down car is often the straw that breaks the camels back. With this in mind, the last thing you really want above all else, is a long wait for a Tow truck. Granted, you will have to wait a certain amount of time as quantum teleportation has not been invented yet of course.., but notably, we are quick.

Important info we need to know:

Upon ringing any towing company, you should always give them exact addresses. With this in mind, it will help in two important ways. Firstly the towing service you have rang can quote you accurately. After all, we all want to know exactly how much it will cost.

Secondly it helps the tow operator to locate you quickly. It is always a good idea to know exactly where you are.  A point that is often overlooked, but this is so vary vital. It must be remembered, the tow truck company is learning your location for the very first time. On the positive side, knowing exactly where you are and where you need to go, makes getting a tow simple.

Hello towing Melbourne, keeps developing ways to be more efficient, so in turn we can serve you better. Getting a tow is not always easy, likewise it can be daunting. In addition, you just don't know who you will get. While the vast majority of operators are good, there are some who are rude, don't have insurance and give others a bad name.

Operators work hard and a lot of the time are not shown the respect they deserve. After all, we do a dangerous job. In saying this, it is no excuse to be rude to you. When looking for a local towing service, we think it is important to ask a few questions. That is, before you get them to tow your vehicle. To get any more info please visit our about page.

Questions to ask:

One question should be, do you have insurance. Generally speaking, most towing operators will. More specifically you want to ask if your car is covered, while it is on the tow truck. If the answer is no... hang up.

Secondly, it is important to ask for a price. Especially if it is too cheap, there may be something wrong. All things considered, a decent tow truck is expensive to operate. There are a lot of yahoo's out there, towing cars on unsafe trucks. Another point to realise is, just because the truck is old it doesn't mean it's not looked after.

Our farewell comments from Hello:

Given these points, we hope that they are considered. Remember the cheapest alternative is not always the best.

There is an old saying, "the poor man pays twice". You wouldn't buy milk if it was past its best before date, that could make you sick. So don't get stung by service which is not quite right.

At Hello towing we're ready to respond to all your vehicle breakdowns.

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