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Whether it's a car, boat, site shed or vehicle recovery. we have the knowledge and skills to transport it.

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Our Specialty Towing Services

Specialty towing covers many different forms of towing, across a wide number of industries. We have the skills, qualifications and tools to cater for many interesting scenarios. Whether it be moving a site container, job site to job site. Or the opposite and transport an industrial size pizza oven. In brief, we can help.

We have also done our fair share of recovery towing for many different clients. Many who require regular transport and towing. Some of these customers would include, Insurance companies, construction industry, traffic management compaines, farmers and more.

For instance, we have done everything from, pulling the truck out of a bog hole to, doing major recover operations. Similarly, some vehicles have been stolen & recovered, some stuck in the middle of the bush. Either way, we have tow truck's, recovery vehicles and all the equipment to execute the job and make it look easy. Notably, having tow truck's and equipment setup to do the job right is important for the safety of your vehicles and us.

Where we are unique is, besides operating a towing company, we have a team of mechanics. If required for particular jobs for instance, having diversity in our company means we make affordable towing options for customers. In general, specialty towing is expensive.

If you are unsure and you need transport or just a tow, call hello towing and we can provide you with the solution.

What makes us unique?

Accurate planning to avoid delay

Experience in the field

Reasonable pricing

Friendly service

Insurance coverage